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Welcome to Houston bike repair company, your one-stop shop for all your bicycle repair servicing and bike sale needs, and one of the top bike stores in Houston. We are a company that specializes in the repair and maintenance of bicycles, and are one of the best bicycle repair shops in Houston. We have a highly trained team of mechanics that can keep your bike in perfect working order, regardless of what type it is or how you use it. We are also able to help customers with buying a new bike, and have a specialist bike building service, as well as being able to provide new riders with all the essentials.


We are a bike repair shop that has been working for the cyclists of Houston for a number of years. In this time our bike store has built up a reputation for a great quality of service, and works hard to maintain this for our customers and stand out from other local bike shops. We have a wide range of services to keep your bike in working order, and a professional team of mechanics that are experienced at working on all forms of bike. As well as repairs, we also welcome new cyclists too, and are able to provide new cyclists with the best bikes and all the essentials to get them started.


Offer a wide range of bicycle parts and services to suit the needs of all our customers. For new cyclists, we are bicycle retailers able to work with you to provide everything to ride a bike safely and comfortably. The bike shop also has a wide range of specialized bikes for sale and can even custom-build bikes for customers, as well as provide a handlebar wrapping service. Once you have a bicycle, you will likely need it maintained from time to time too, and so we offer both servicing and repairs for all bikes. As part of this, we are also able to repair and replace crank shafts.

Bike Services

Just as with a car, or other vehicle, bicycles can need servicing from time to time. This is usually routine minor work, but can often be something more major too. We have a wide range of servicing options for our customers, and can help with small jobs such as checking tire pressure and brakes. In the cases when the bike needs something more, we can give it a complete overhaul and get it back in working order.

Bike Repair

There are times when your bike takes damage that requires much more than a service to deal with. In these situations, we have a repair service that is suited for any bicycle. Whether you are a first time owner, or a professional cyclist, we have a repair service that will work for you. We make an effort to ensure that repairs are both affordable and fast for every customer, while making sure that they are carried out to our high standards.

New Rider Essentials

At our bicycle shop we are able to cater to any bicycle rider, from a first-time buyer to experienced cyclists, and have something to suit their every need. For new cyclists, we have a comprehensive service that can take you through the process of finding the perfect bike for you. From there, the staff at the bicycle shop can ensure that it is adjusted and fitted to the specific rider, and make sure that you are equipped to ride the bike safely from the moment you get it.

Custom Bike Studio

For many riders, even having a specialized pre-build bike might not be exactly what they need. In these situations, at our bicycle store we are able to help our customers create the perfect bike for them. Our custom bike studio can help you build a bicycle exactly the way you need it, and can cater to any cyclist and conditions. We stock a wide range of high-quality parts, so whether you are looking for a mountain bike shop for hitting trails or road cycles racing, our cycle shop can make it for you.

Crank Replacement

Cranks are a part of the bike that can suffer from wear and tear over time. They are constantly under strain and have precisely fitted parts. These can also come in a variety of materials, but regardless of what it is made from, we are able to replace it for you. In some situations, you might simply need part of the crank replaced or repaired, and at our bike shop, we are able to carry this out for you too.

HandleBar Wrap

Handlebar wraps are padded strips that are wrapped around the handlebars of bikes and are great for both practical and aesthetic purposes. They provide riders with a better grip as well as more comfort while riding. They also come in a variety of styles that help you have a bike that really stands out. We have a variety of handlebar wraps from different manufacturers, and experienced technicians that can install them flawlessly.


As part of our dedication to customer service, we have a dedicated customer service team that is here to help with all your cycling buying and maintenance needs. We are able to help new bile owners find the bike for them, at a price that suits them, and help experienced cyclists too. If you are looking for servicing or repairs, our customer service team is also able, and eager, to help. We can work with you to organize any services or repairs that you need, as well as finding a time that suits you. you. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to call our team today, at the phone number on our website.

“I was getting a new racing bike built and discussing what handlebar wrap I wanted for it, and the team offered to put it on for me. The team was able to make a better job of installing it than I ever could. It’s great because I can also tell my bike apart from others at events.” – Steve O

“I had been looking for a bicycle to use on my commute to work, but had no idea what I should get. Houston Bike Repair Company were able to talk to me and figure out what I needed. From there, they also helped me make sure that I had everything to keep safe on the road too.” – Sophie B

“I had been training for a big race when I came off my bike a few days before. I was thankfully ok but managed to damage the crank. I called the bike repair team and they were able to organize for it to be replaced, and did it in no time too!” – Caleb B





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