No matter how well you look after your bike, there are times when repairs will be necessary. We are capable of carrying out repairs to all parts of your bike to make sure it is as good as new. We also recognize that many of our customers use their bikes regularly, and so work hard to ensure that we have quick turnaround times to ensure that you are able to get back on the seat in no time. This doesn’t come at a premium price either, and, like with all our services, we do our best to make sure that our repair services are affordable for our customers too.

Fast Service

People often use their bikes regularly, whether cycling to work, or taking it out to a trail on the weekend, so having a damaged bike can be a problem if you need it in a hurry. What is worse is when these repairs take a long time to be carried out. Our bicycle repair teams are able to work quickly to ensure that your bike is back to working order in no time. Not only are they experienced, but they have all the necessary tools and parts on hand to be able to get repairs carried out quickly and efficiently.

Any Repairs

Bikes can take all forms of damage and it can be anything from a minor scratch to major damage to the body. Whatever the damage you have, we can fix it for you. Our bicycle repair service is suitable for any form of damage your bike might have. We also have a range of specialized bikes for sale, and the services to repair them too. If you have a specialized bike that needs repaired, or specialist parts, we are more than able to accommodate these too.

Experienced Technicians.

When you want your bike repaired, you want to be sure that it is carried out properly. A badly repaired bike can be frustrating to ride, and potentially even dangerous. All our bike technicians are experienced in repairing and maintaining all forms of bikes. This experience is not limited to low-end bikes and we are able to repair any and all forms of specialized bikes too. Whether you have a high-end mountain bike, or a carbon-fiber road cycle, we have the repair service for you. Thanks to our professional technicians, you can be confident that all repairs are carried out to the high standards you would expect.

Handlebar Wrap And Crank Replacement.

One of the more difficult parts of a bicycle to repair is the crank shaft. This can become worn from use and make the bike less comfortable to ride. To add to this, they can often be made from more unusual materials, like carbon fiber too. We are able to carry out repairs on any crank shafts our customers have. If the damage is significant, we will also be capable of replacing these too. We can also replace handlebar wrap for customers too. By having us do it for you, you can ensure that it is applied with great care, and will look and feel great every time.



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