Cars and other vehicles need routine servicing from time to time, and bicycles are no different. At our bike repair shop we have a professional team of bicycle technicians that are able to help you maintain your bike in the best possible condition for as long as possible. We can carry out servicing on all parts of the bike and we are also more than willing to carry out any service needs that you have, from inflating tires through to overhauling larger bike parts. We also have the tools necessary to effectively carry out all servicing and repairs on bikes too.


Servicing is something that is necessary for every bike, and depending on the use can even be needed quite regularly. Servicing is also a great way to maintain the condition of the bike, and avoid more costly maintenance and repairs in the future. Our servicing is a great way to keep maintenance costs low. We have an experienced servicing team, and make sure that they have the correct tools for the job at hand. As part of our commitment to great customer service, we also work hard to make sure that we offer an affordable service for all our customers.

Minor Servicing.

While a major overhaul might be needed from time to time, most servicing can be a lot more minor. Our servicing is ideal for people who are inexperienced with bike maintenance, but want to ensure their bike is well kept. The team at our bike store can ensure that all components are in ideal conditions, and can check everything from tire pressure to brakes and other components. These are small things that can benefit from an expert touch to make your bike operate as if it was brand new again. Our staff are able to work fast and have a quick turnaround time for these and all other forms of servicing too.

Right Tools For The Job.

Many cyclists are used to carrying out minor servicing and maintenance themselves, but some parts require more professional help. This can be due to their complexity, or requiring specialist tools, among other reasons. When it is a complex part, such as gearing, or specialist tools are required, we advise customers to bring their bikes to our specialist service. Attempting to repair bike parts, especially without the correct tools can potentially damage your bike and make any further maintenance more difficult and expensive. By allowing us to do this for you, you can be sure that we use the correct tools to protect your bike, and give it the care it deserves.



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