Crank Replacement

Cranks are a central part of all modern bikes, and are the way you transfer movement from your legs to the wheels. The strain these are under can cause wear over time, leading to problems. We are able to help you repair and replace any crank that you have. We will do our best to make sure that any damage is repaired, but when that is not possible we will replace it for you too. We are experienced with all forms of bike, and can replace any crank. We also have the experience and tools to ensure this is done correctly and quickly too.

Staff And Tools

Repairing and replacing cranks can often be a precision job as these are often under a lot of strain and have tight-fitting, moving parts at the connection with the pedal. A badly carried out repair or replacement can leave parts too loose or too tight, which can impact the quality of your riding experience. Our experienced team is able to ensure that these are fitted correctly and rotate smoothly to give you the best ride possible. As well as the staff, we also have the specialist tools necessary to ensure that these are fitted perfectly.

Pedals And Toe Clips.

If you are needing the pedals or toe clips on your bicycle replaced there is no reason for disposing of your potentially expensive cranks too. This can be wasteful and expensive, and is often not necessary. In many cases, the joint between pedals and cranks can be replaced, potentially saving you money. If you are having problems with these, we encourage you to call our customer service team, here at the bike shop. They will be able to discuss the issue with you and find the best solution to your problem. In many cases, we are simply able to replace these for you, potentially saving you money.

Crank Repair

Replacing a bike part can be expensive, especially when it is made from a material such as carbon fiber. We do our best to make bike maintenance as affordable as possible for our customers, and so we can explore options to repair the crank too. Many problems with cranks are not with the shaft itself, but in the connection to the pedals as they suffer from wear through use, as well as the connection to the bike. In situations where the crank cannot be repaired, we will work with you to make sure you are able to get a great replacement within your budget.

Carbon Cranks

Most cyclists are used to having metal and alloy crank shafts on their bikes. These are inexpensive, durable, and reliable, and so are suited for most cyclists. There are times, however, when these need to be made from something else, and so other materials are often used, particularly carbon fiber. no matter what material it is made from, if you need the crank replaced, we are able to work with you to ensure that any crank you have is able to be replaced quickly by our bike repair shop team. These can also be fitted for you as part of our replacement service.



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