Custom Bike Studio

Many cyclists will just buy a pre-built bike, but there are times when you will need something that exactly matches your needs, and these pre-built bikes just don’t fit the bill. Whether you are looking for a mountain bike, road cycle, or something different, our custom bike studio is just the thing for you. Our Bicycle shop has a professional bike building service that has access to the best parts to ensure that you get a perfect custom bike. We are also able to help you care for it too, and have a fully equipped repair and servicing team that can help with all your maintenance needs.

Professional Service

When you are having a bike custom built you will want to make sure that the people building it know what they are doing. When a customer contacts us looking for a custom bike we will work with them to find out what they need, as well as the budget that they have. From there, we have a team of experienced bicycle technicians that are able to build your bike for you. Our technicians will build your bike exactly to your standards and ensure that all parts are installed properly, so you can be confident in the quality of your bike.

Best Parts

When building a custom bike, it is likely because you want it to be of the highest quality and exactly to your needs. There is no reason to cut corners when getting a bike like this, and so we offer a wide variety of parts to help you make exactly the bicycle you want. Our wide range of high-quality parts allows us to make sure that your custom bike is truly something special. These are every part of the bike too, from the frame to the brakes, and everything in between.

All Bikes

We are specialists in bike building and repairs, but this isn’t limited to one style of bikes. We are able to build all styles to suit our customers’ needs. Whether you are wanting a mountain bike for hitting demanding trails, or a road cycle for races, or something else, we can help you build the one that is right for you. Our wide range of parts and experience means that we can build any bike to a high standard. This variety of parts also means that we can build it on a budget that works for you too.

Bike Servicing And Repairs

Once you have your bike, you will want to keep it in the best possible condition. As well as being able to build bikes, we also have professional servicing and bicycle repair services. These are ideal for any bike owner, and are suitable for custom built bikes too. Our servicing is suitable for all forms of maintenance from adjusting tire pressure through to giving parts complete overhauls to make sure they are in perfect working order. Our staff know what they are doing and have the equipment to carry out all repairs quickly and effectively. When repairs are needed, we can repair or replace any parts, including the crank shafts.



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